Hellertown Historical Society would like to introduce another method toward raising much needed funding…and it won’t cost you anything to help. If you are an online Amazon shopper, your purchases will help Hellertown Historical Society.

 Amazon offers “smile” shopping on their websites for various charities. By shopping through these special websites, one half of one percent of your purchase amounts are generated with every purchase and deposited directly into the accounts of these charities. Hellertown Historical Society has created a “smile” page for shoppers to help us generate this much needed funding.

By following the instructions below, you can help HHS raise funds with every purchase you make through this website. By using this special website, you still purchase the same items you find on the regular Amazon website pages for the same costs, only a slight portion of your purchase is diverted to HHS. Each time you shop Amazon, enter through this special page by selecting HHS as your assigned charity and the funds will help us for much needed maintenance, repairs and other necessities to continue our operations. And as mentioned before, it cost nothing for you to participate. If you do not use this special website, NO FUNDING will be diverted toward a named charity.

So it is important that you use this website for the funding to be applied.

Here’s how to get involved….go to the websitehttps://smile.amazon.com. You will see a login screen like the one below…

If you already have an Amazon account, enter your login info and “Sign-In”. If you do not yet have an Amazon account, select the “Create your Amazon account” button below the sign-in link and create your account by entering the appropriate information.

After you create your Amazon account go back to the website https://smile.amazon.com .

If you already have an Amazon account, be sure you are on the https://smile.amazon.comwebsite.

Once logged into Smile Amazon, if you see this screen, simply search for Hellertown Historical Society by entering our name in the search field and clicking “Search”.

When the search results appear, select the button next to Hellertown Historical Society.

Once selected, you should see this screen….

That’s it!! Start shopping on Amazon as usual and part of your purchase will be forwarded to HHS. Please accept our utmost gratitude for selecting our charity while you shop at Amazon.

Download/Print a copy of these instructions here

For any technical issues, please email the HHS Webmaster for assistance at…

Introduction to Hellertown Historical Society’s Amazon Smile Account

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