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Historical Society

        Hellertown Historical Society is an all-volunteer organization of concerned persons who have the vision of preserving Hellertown’s Heritage and history. We do so by maintaining various historical buildings within the Borough of Hellertown and a collection of documents, photos and artifacts that outline and provide educational opportunities about Hellertown’s history.

        Currently the Historical Society operates and maintains the Heller-Wagner Grist Mill site consisting of the mill itself, a miller’s home, a separate wash house and a historic iron Pony Bridge that once spanned the Saucon Creek running through the property that powered the grist mill. In addition to these structures, the Society also maintains Hellertown’s first jail house located nearby in another section of the Borough.

        Hellertown Historical Society volunteers provide assistance with cataloging and storing many documents, photos and artifacts which describe and preserve the history and heritage of Hellertown and its people. This collection is housed at the Grist Mill site which serves as a museum and the headquarters of the organization. These documents provide a bridge to Hellertown’s past and serve as educational materials for visitors to research.

        Hellertown Historical Society receives no funding from local, state or federal taxes. All funds are strictly raised through fund-raising programs, events, membership dues and generous donations. These funds are used to restore, repair and maintain the various buildings, grounds and property within the Society’s responsibility as well as maintenance and storage of documents, photos and historical artifacts.

Supporting Hellertown Historical Society's Mission and Vision